Best Top 10 Tip to Develop a good Oral Hygiene In Kids

Best Top 10 Tips to Develop good Oral Hygiene In KidsTop 10 Tips to Develop a Good Oral Hygiene In Kids

Best Top 10 Tip to Develop a good Oral Hygiene In Kids Oral Hygiene is one of those necessary life skills every child needs to learn.  Helping to develop Oral Hygiene Habit In Kids is a hard nut to crack. Here Top 10 Tips to Develop good Oral Hygiene In Kids Teaching oral hygiene from the start is always underrated definitely because of that little human constant denial of brushing and flossing.

For parents most of the time it becomes the never-ending battle of making your child brush twice a day. As the child’s first tooth erupts you should start brushing it with a smear of toothpaste until the baby turns 2.

For kids older than 2 years one should use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and make sure that your kids pit out the toothpaste after brushing and do not swallow it.

Top 10 Tips to Develop a Good Oral Hygiene in Kids

Parents should take lead in brushing until the child turns 9 years old and become mature enough to clean every nook and cranny of his mouth by brushing up and down the front and back and being able to clean his tongue as well. Flossing is also important as Bacterial plaque can settle between the teeth and can create cavities.

Top 10 Tips to Develop good Oral Hygiene In Kids

1. Start a Routine:

Brushing twice a day should be a daily routine for your child, not an optional thing to do!

Top 10 Tips to Develop a Good Oral Hygiene in Kids

2. A Family habit:

Children seek to imitate their parents so why not start by setting an example first? Try brushing in front of your child daily, twice a day so that they mimic you and develop a habit of oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene habits should be started at a young age.

Parents should not neglect to brush and floss just because the kid’s primary teeth will fall out. When you will start the habit the brushing and flossing at an early age it will last for long-term oral health.

3. Have 4 Minutes of Fun:

Make toothbrushing fun by adding some timers that your kids like to have. A digital timer of their favorite cartoon character can help. Instead of ordering and supervising try to make brushing a lovely experience and it will reinforce positive ways in your child of doing a daily task that might seem boring.

Top 10 Tips to Develop a Good Oral Hygiene in Kids

4. Don’t Give Up:

Never let your child skip brushing just because you are having a tough day and have no energy to enforce brushing. Try to make brushing a second nature it will help you in the long run.

Long vacations, picnics, no matter what! Always. Make brushing a priority remember you need to teach the value of daily brushing to your child and make them used to it early on.

5. Make Up a Story:

Children adore stories, they live in an imaginary world where the tooth fairy came to take their fallen-out teeth and reward them with sweets.

Try to make up a short imaginary story about how they are fighting germs and cavities with toothpaste and toothbrush and at the end of the day, they are the real heroes who save their teeth!

6. Reward Good Brushing Behavior:

You know well what motivates your child it could be a toy or a sticker or even some words of encouragement like you are a quick learner, I’m so proud of you, and a hug and kiss to show how happy you are with your child. that will help in developing Good Oral Hygiene in kids.

7. Help Kids to Develop Good Oral Hygiene from their Favorite toy:

Ask them to brush the teeth of their favorite toy it may be a doll or Spider-man or batman. Children love their favorite toys and want to have everything they have for their toys as well. You can take help from this.

8. Go Shopping:

Top 10 Tips to Develop a Good Oral Hygiene in Kids

Take your kiddo with you while shopping for dental hygiene products. Let them choose the toothbrush for themselves. They may choose a toothbrush of their favorite color or cartoon character.

Tell them about the toothpaste and its smell and flavor. Buy whatever they like. When the kids buy their toothbrushes and toothpaste on their own they will be eager to use them.

9. Empower them:

Children want to do everything on their own their little explorers let them take a stab at brushing. But make sure that independence doesn’t come out without supervision. Provide them with a stool and make sure that they can see themselves in the mirror. Let them brush the way they want but in the end, you have the veto power so you can correct where they have missed.

10. Make It Musical:Top 10 Tips to Develop a Good Oral Hygiene in Kids

The universal truth is Children love rhythms! How tacky a thing maybe do it with a rhyme and to your surprise your child will learn it quickly. So why not add some rhymes and dancing to make that 2 minutes of brushing a fun activity for the kid and develop Good Oral Hygiene?

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