Best Baby Book

Best Baby Book

Best Baby Book

“Best Baby Book The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you will go.”   ~Dr.Seuss.

No one can deny the importance of cultivating a reading habit at an early age. Books and stories open up a whole new world to the little mind who is already trying to explore things. It will not only boost their brain development, and improve their cognitive skills but also strengthen your bond with your baby. It’s hard to find infant books because they do not pay much attention unless they really like the book. Books full of vibrant colors rhyme with animal pictures and, yes their favorite thing… repetition! Sing-along books are children’s loveWhen it comes to parents they prefer board books which are easy to carry.

We all know when something is kids’ favorite they want it, any time or anywhere, whether you are traveling, on a beach, or maybe in the middle of an ocean on a cruise. So it’s very convenient to have board books easy to carry and have no fear of paper cuts and stories can be read on the go. Here are the top five best reads for your bundle of joy.

1. If The Animal Kissed Goodnight:

Best Baby Book

If an animal kissed good night is about a young girl wondering how different animals can say goodnight to their offspring and exchange goodnight kisses. Each page describes different animals kissing their babies in a fun-loving way which is beautifully illustrated through pictures.

The theme of the book is love whether they’re human or animals all living things love their offspring. The book holds a very heartwarming message to the young ones that love has no boundaries. We should be kind and caring towards animals because they also have a loving family as we humans do. The author adds humor to the story by giving funny detail about the way animals kiss their young ones. That makes them roll on the floor and love this book.

The illustrations are simple but well-drawn. The author of the book does justice in explaining the way animals say good night. The quality of the book is so good even after excessive use the book is as good as new.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

Best Baby Book

The very hungry caterpillar has been translated into more than 25 languages and sold over twelve million copies. Surely a good book with minimal text features and sing-song word nature makes it easy for toddlers to recognize and memorize even after reading after a couple of times. It has surely eaten its way right into the heart of millions of children all over the world.

It’s a story of a baby caterpillar who snacks through the pages eating different items and leaving holes behind. As he gets bigger and fatter he turns into a colorful butterfly.

It’s a colorful picture story that accompanies the counting. The Best Baby Book uses fewer written expressions and more different tactics to capture a child’s attention. The holes through the pages and different size of pages in a single book makes kid inquisitive about the book and story. The book from the first page to the last page makes a rhythmic connection. It’s a delight to read it over and over again to your baby.

The most astonishing thing about this Best Baby Book is it teaches a scenic concept of metamorphosis (a caterpillar from a creeping larva to a fully grown vibrant butterfly) to the little fun in a fun way.

3. Chika Chika Boom Boom:


Best Baby Book

Teaching the basic alphabet in form of the story is the essence of” Chika Chika Boom Boom”. It is a great help in teaching the alphabet to kindergarten, first graders, and second graders. An essential part of your baby’s very first library.

It’s a story of the alphabet having an adventurous journey of climbing up the coconut tree. Lowercase letters try to climb up the try. All the letters manage to climb up the tree somehow but the tree could not bear their burden and bend over. All the letters fall out and got injured the books also describe their injuries. Best Baby Book Then the upper case letter who are the older relatives of the lower case letter comes to rescue them. And help them climb up the tree.TOP 10 Best Fashion School

The Best Baby Book is an incomplete flow, with the help of literary devices and bright and fun illustrations.

4. Giraffe Can’t Dance:

First of all, I personally adore the cover, colorful and charming. The Best Baby Book holds a beautiful message that is to believe in yourself, have empathy for others, do what makes you happy, and don’t be a people pleaser. Furthermore, the book promotes positive self-esteem, confidence, and the positivity of kind words.

The Best Baby Book is about a giraffe that loves to dance but other animals make fun of the giraffe because of its thin legs and crooked knees. A little push from cricket makes the giraffe dance and he dances to his own tune irrespective of what others will say about him.

It’s a perfect blend of light-footed rhyme, high-stepping illustration, and yes the core of the Best Baby Book is the gripping narration. And I think these ingredients make any book worth reading.

Best Baby Book

5. I Love You To The Moon And Back:

Best Baby Book

If you want to show your love to the little one… it serves the purpose right. The Best Baby Book tries to describe the unimaginable love and affection between a child and a mother.ABC Mouse Kindergarten

The Best Baby Book story is about a bear and a cub. They spend a day together and feel their love for each other.  The story is about a day spent well splashing water, climbing mountains, watching the simmering sky, playing chase, touching noses, and of course lots of hugs.

I love you to the moon and back and celebrate the immeasurable and unconditional love of a mother for her baby. Illustrations go well with the storyline that’s making it one of the children’s bestsellers.

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