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Top 10 Tips How to Change a Diaper

Top 10 Tips How to Change a Diaper

How to Change a Diaper

Changing a baby’s diaper is the first step towards parenting and it sounds quite easy. But when you see a squirmy tiny newborn it seems scary to change the diaper without disturbing the baby. It might seem daunting at the start but with time it will become second nature. Infants typically go through 8 to 10 diaper changes in a day, adding up to 3500 diapers in the environment until they are fully trained.

Top 10 Steps to Change a Diaper

Here are our Top 10 Steps to Change a Diaper. First of all, you need to have all the must-have supplies for changing a diaper that includes:

  • Diaper
  • Wipes
  • Rash Cream
  • Disposable Bag
  • Changing Table or Changing Pad
  • Extra clothes for baby (in case of a blowout)

How to Change a Diaper

1. A Flat Surface:

Always change your baby’s diaper on a flat surface so that you can use the changing table. Never leave your baby unattended even for a second regardless of the age of the baby while changing the diaper. To ease diaper changing keep everything within arm’s reach.

3. Remove the old Diaper:

Unfastened the dirty diaper. Hold the baby’s leg up with one hand, and open the diaper with the other hand. If it’s just peeing then take out the diaper and roll it up to avoid any mess.

4. Wash it or Wipe it up:

Clean baby’s bottom with alcohol and fragrance-free organic wipes.

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you can also wash your baby’s bottom if the baby is comfortable with it and you are not in a hurry.

5. Bowl movement:

In the case of Bowel Movement, first, take a wipe and clean it, again take another wipe and clean the baby’s bottom until there are no traces. Then wash your baby’s bottom. It’s best to wash the baby’s bottom with baby soap to avoid any skin infection as the baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to rashes.

6. Completely Dry it:

Dry the baby’s bottom with tissue or a soft cloth. It’s a must to completely dry the baby’s body before putting on a new diaper as humidity is prone to fungus and leads to rashes and skin infections.

7. Ointment:

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or ointment in case of rashes.

8. New Diaper:

Open the new diaper keeps the taps at the backside and slides it under the baby’s bottom putting the baby’s leg down. Open the tapes at the backside of the diaper and stick them to the front side. Make sure it’s snug and comfortable not too loose not too tight.

9. Wash your hands

10. Rechecking

  • The diaper is fastened under the belly button.
  • The leg cuffs are neatly fastened around the baby’s waist.
  • Do 2 finger test by putting 2 fingers Around the waist to check the diaper is not too tight.How to Change a Diaper

There are many companies that manufacture baby diapers, and Baby Wipes it can be difficult to determine which one is the “best” as it may depend on individual preferences, such as price, quality, and availability. However, here are some well-known and reputable companies that produce baby diapers:

  1. Pampers: Pampers is a brand of baby diapers that has been around for over 50 years and is known for its quality and reliability. They offer a range of diaper sizes and types, including Swaddlers, Baby Dry, and Pure Protection.
  2. Huggies: Huggies is another popular brand of baby diapers that has been around for over 40 years. They offer a variety of diaper styles, including Little Snugglers, Little Movers, and Special Delivery.
  3. Luvs: Luvs is a brand of baby diapers that is known for its affordability. They offer a variety of diaper styles, including Ultra Leakguards, Nightlock, and Triple Leakguards.
  4. Honest Company: The Honest Company is a newer company that offers eco-friendly and sustainable baby products, including diapers. They offer a variety of diaper styles, including Overnight, Training Pants, and Super Club Box.
  5. Seventh Generation: Seventh Generation is another eco-friendly brand that offers baby diapers made with sustainably sourced materials. They offer a variety of diaper styles, including Free & Clear, Overnight, and Training Pants.



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