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Best Baby Play Mat


When a baby is born a new mom wants to give her baby all the things in the world. That’s why new moms start searching for the activity toy,Baby Play Gym, even before the baby has arrived. The purpose of these toys is not only to keep the baby engage but also help them to stimulate the mental and physical development of their growing bodies and expanding their brains. Developing their cognitive skills such as recognizing the sound, colors, touching the small toys hanging with an arch Baby Mat are not bound by the age of the babies they are a source of entertainment for newborn infant’s toddler as well as grown up kids.

Thinking about when is the right time to purchase a Baby play gym is out of question! Because a newborn can definitely lay straight and look around and obviously one of the most appreciable benefits of play gym is giving “tummy time” to your baby. Mom of infants know the importance of tummy time specially when the baby is colic.

There is a vast range of Play gym available in the market but which one to choose is a tough question!  Here I am to help you, Let me make it easy for you by comparing top 5 Best Play gym that you can purchase for you newborn.

1. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick Mat:

What makes Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano stand out and take the lead is its distinctive features which includes a piano keyboard that plays notes and music when your baby kicks the key or pat it with hand. It teaches baby’s every action has a reaction concept. Five detachable toys attach with loops. Machine washable padded mat makes mom a bit more relax. And detachable piano key is the real star of this mat. When the baby grows up he can use it as a separate toy.

Best Baby Play Mat

2. Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome.

If you travel a lot or have more outdoor activities such as picnics, camping playing dates, a day on a beach or visiting relative living far away. You have newborn or toddler to take care what do you wish for…? Definitely compactness of your necessary items… right! Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome, Multi Play Mat is the perfect answer of your prayers. Its peculiarity is it’s compactness. Just fold the dome, grab it and there you go… take it anywhere you want to go with supreme convenience. It’s kind of a take along baby bed. Its portability allows you tiny humane to sung in his bed anywhere. Its more useful for newborn as they are the greatest spectators of celling fans and this mat give them a great view of their favorite thing .until 3 months it can be used when the baby starts rolling over turning around or moving it may cause some safety issues . Two bright color toys are dangling from the fine motor dome to keep the baby entertain and busy in strengthening and developing fine motor skills.

The canopy save the baby from direct sunlight and bugs also helps the baby to develop a habit of sleeping in low dim light.

Best Baby Play Mat


3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe.

Very vibrant color full close to nature, Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe is very popular among babies because babies are more into bright colors and texture and a variety of different sounds. It’s a delight for your babies senses, babies love to be surrounded by colors it’s really appealing to them.There is a large padded machine washable mat, with two crisscross bands and 5 five toys which are detachable. Whether the baby is on its back or tummy there is a lot of things to entertain from. The mat is full of eye-catching pictures of a forest site.

There are many loops on the crisscross and also around the mat to change the position of the toys to make it more accessible to the baby. A height and a low loop row on the bar allow you to adjust the height of the toys according to your need.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe has a lot to offer, 10 plus interactive and repositionable toys which includes money, snail, zebra, lion, plastic mirror, giraffe, rattle, spinning ball, little bell inside and a toucan. Toucan is best of all. It’s kind of an extra on-the-go fun element of the mat. It sits on the nest on top of the structure. Its beak lights up it can play music and make sounds as well. The best part is you can adjust the volume, low or high. The plastic mirror force the baby to have a tummy time even if he don’t wants to have one mom knows well most of the baby hate tummy time. The mat is embellished with satiny borders large crinkle leaf which develops a sense in baby of touch and feel.

Best Baby Play Mat

4. Baby Einstein 4-in-1 Kickin’ Activity.

What sets Baby Einstein 4-in-1 Kickin’  Activity  Mat apart is the piano keyboard that plays music and notes. Its touch sensitivity helps to produce a sound even with the touch of a finger you don’t really need to press the button hard to make a sound it’s kind of magic touch. When the baby is kicking, battling, patting, a slightest touch can generate musical sounds.

Having 70plus sounds and activities and 25plus minutes of music this mat is a great treat to your baby’s ear.7 hanging toys which are interactive and unique for the baby. Basically these are not the toys exactly but different shapes and texture that inspires your babies curiosity to explore things. It includes crinkle medallion, triangle rattle, a self-discovering plastic mirror, and texture music notes. It has soft supporting prop pillows which provide great help in tummy time

As per its name it allows your baby to enjoy four stages of growth from tummy time to sit and play.No doubt its one of the best play gym when the baby grows up it can be used as a separate toy.

Best Baby Play Mat

5. Bright Starts 4-in-1 Activity:

This Bright Starts 4-in-1 Rounds of Fun Activity Gym is great for babies who can sit upright. Mat can be folded upwards to make walls. This feature allows you to restrict your baby to a specific area. And don’t allow him to roam around the house while you are busy.

Who is not in love with a pit ball!! Let’s admit to the fact even the adults’ fancy pit ball. Kids adore playing with ball.

This Play Mat is best in a sense the it does not have any choking item for the babies all the things are safe to play with, the balls soft hanging toys music elephant.

Best Baby Play Mat

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