How to Swaddle a Baby

How to Swaddle a Baby  Step by step Method

Swaddling is basically a soothing technique, practice from ancient times. Baby’s spend its first 9 months in the womb; a small warm, and compact place.

Swaddling mimics the snuggling environment of the womb.
Baby’s like being held and you can’t hold the baby all the time. By swaddling you give the baby an impression of being held.

1. What is Swaddling?

In terms of words, swaddling is simply wrapping up the baby in clothing to make them feel comfortable and safe.

2. Benefits of Swaddling

  1. It also comforts the baby in any discomfort like vaccination.
  2. Swaddling triggers a “relaxation” mechanism in infants.
  3.  Swaddling has a wonderfully soothing therapeutic effect on a baby’s health.
  4. It reduces colic pain. Help in a soothing colicky baby.
  5. Reflex which babies experience during the first three months Swaddling helps in preventing those reflexes.

3.How to Swaddle a Baby

Let’s dive into the best way of swaddling your baby.

  1. Find a flat surface or you can swaddle on a baby diaper changing table. 
  2. Spread the blanket out straight. fold the topmost corner of the blanket inward.
  3. Lay your baby in a face-up position on the blanket put the head on the folded corner. 
  4. Fold the right corner over her tucking the blanket under baby.
  5. Now bring up the bottom corner over the baby covering the baby’s feet properly.
  6. Take the last corner put it over her and tuck the blanket under the baby.

4. Three Things to Consider while Swaddling

  1. Keep the baby’s hand straight down. Do not cross the over the chest.
  2. Do not wrap the swaddle too tight as it’s uncomfortable for the baby.
  3. To ensure you have swaddled the baby perfectly do the 3 fingers test. put your three fingers between the swaddling blanket and baby’s chest if you can do it without difficulty then you have done a great job.

5. What is the Best Material for Swaddling

Swaddling material can be of linen, cotton, muslin, a cotton blend, or other natural materials but it’s best to choose the lightest one for the breath-ability of your child. Light and soft material keep your child safe from overheating.
There is a range of ready-made swaddles available in the market giving you a vast range to choose from such as swaddling blankets. swaddling sack, zipper, Velcro tape wraps, and sleep sack hybrid.

6. Is Swaddling with a wrap is same

Yes! swaddling with a wrap has the same effect and benefits as a blanket. There are a lot of baby sacks and zippers available in the market. one can choose from them. they are easy to use and difficult to come un-tuck by the baby’s movement. No issue of being too tight or too loose is also economical for the parents.

7. When to Stop Swaddling

you can start swaddling right after the baby’s birth and stop swaddling when the baby starts turning over. It normally happens when the baby is 2 months old. After that, there is a potential danger of the baby s turning over and sleeping on her tummy which may cause SIDS. It’s crucial to always lay the baby on its back to reduce the risk of SIDS.

8. Is it Necessary to Swaddle  a Baby

Swaddling is helping many parents but it’s not “a must-to-do thing”. As your child may not be a big fan of being wrap up in a clothe So if your baby goes crazy every time you swaddle her up you can consider doing two things. First switch from swaddling blanket to zipper or sleep sack. If it works then it’s great if not, the second thing you should do is simply do not swaddle your baby do not force her if she doesn’t like swaddling simply!

9. How to Swaddle a Baby in 4 Step

How to Swaddle a Baby?Step by step Method

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