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What is a Baby Bath Seat?

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Baby Bath Seat For Newborn babies is probably the most justifiably spoiled child in the world. After all, they’re not old enough to love themselves, so it’s up to their parents to shower them with care and affection. Not surprisingly, many of our customers have told us that one of the first things they bought for their new baby was a Baby Bath Seat, also known as a baby bathtub. In fact, we regularly hear from parents that this was the first time their baby had a real bath, so owning a bath seat is a right of passage for new parents everywhere.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go well. The average parent has little experience with bath seats and often ends up frustrated by slips and falls or even drowning incidents. This article aims to provide parents with the information they need to understand Bath Seats, so they can use them safely and have a positive experience.

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Before reading this article, please note that it applies only to plastic bath seats for babies. It does not apply to inflatable or hard rubber bath seats for babies. If you are in the market for an inflatable or rubber bath seat, please read our article on buying baby baths instead.

What is a baby bath seat?

A baby bath seat is often called a “Bath Tub” because it looks like one. However, many parents object to this term because traditional Bath Tubs are a dangerous drowning hazard for infants. Bath Tubs are deep enough to drown a baby, and they’re normally filled with water that’s too hot for babies to handle. A bath seat is designed specifically to address these risks, so the term “bath seat” is probably more accurate.

What types of baby bath seats exist?

There are three main types on the market:

Plastic Bath Seats for Babies These are by far the most popular on the market today, and they’re probably what you’re looking at. They consist of a plastic seat that’s open on one side (similar to a basin) and designed to fit over an adult toilet. There is usually some kind of support on the outer rim, like little legs or handgrips. The seat is normally suspended by suction cups that can be attached to the shower wall for stability.

These plastic seats are available in two forms:

(1) A single model that has a fixed depth, and

(2) Multiple models with adjustable depths. Some of these seats are designed to be used both inside and outside the bathtub.

(3) Others are designed specifically for use with an adult toilet, which is useful if you’re teaching your child potty training.

The plastic construction makes these seats lightweight and easy to carry or store. They can also be easily cleaned after each use (just wipe down) and stored away between uses (because they’re flat). The seats are also reasonably cheap and available in themed designs for boys or girls. Why doesn’t Max talk in Max and Ruby?

Inflatable Bath Seats for Babies This type of bath seat is similar to the plastic seat, except it’s made from an inflatable material. There is normally a pattern on one side and a little handgrip on the opposite side. They’re normally very lightweight and easy to store or transport between rooms.

However, most of these seats come with a small caveat: they’re made from thin plastic that easily punctures during use. Once this happens, you have to throw the seat away because it won’t hold air anymore. This makes them useless for a long.

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