Top 10 Best Remedies For Diaper Rash

Top 10 Best Remedies For Diaper

Diaper rash is the general term for any skin irritation that develops in your baby’s diaper area it’s quite common among infants and toddlers. It’s simply because your baby’s skin is not getting enough air because of the dirty or damp diaper. Rashes are a normal part of being a newborn. At some point, half of the babies get a diaper rash The reason for diaper rash could be too tight diaper or irritation from prolonged contact with pee or poop.

Top 10 Best Remedies For Diaper Rash

1. Keeping The Area Clean

The most important thing you can do to avoid diaper rash is to keep the baby dry and clean to remove debris, irritants, and possible bacteria. Using baby wipes for cleaning is fine but try to wash the baby with mild-warm water after poop.  After washing lay down the baby on a towel and remember always pat dry do not rub the skin as the baby’s skin is sensitive.

2. Change the diaper frequently

Change the diaper after every 3 to 4 hours as prolonged contact with pee or poop adds fuel to the fire in case of poop change it immediately. If you are using a cloth diaper try using a disposable diaper and change it frequently until the rashes heal.

Top 10 Best Remedies For Diaper Rash3. Apply Vaseline

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline. It’s inexpensive and normally contains fewer dyes or perfumes so it’s safe to use Vaseline than other rash creams. Vaseline provides a protective layer between the pee and the baby’s skin and also saves the baby’s skin from rubbing against the diaper.

4. Say “No” To Powder

Say a big no to baby powder. Baby inhales the powder that can cause lungs problem and breathing issues. Cornstarch is also popular among mothers but it’s also the same as powder babies not only inhale cornstarch but it worsens the rashes by creating fungus.

5. Choose A Good Diaper

A diaper’s job is to keep the baby dry. Choose a diaper that performs its duty the best. If your baby is having rashes more often even after all precautions try switching the diaper brand. Maybe your baby is irritant to a specific diaper because of the ingredient used as Remedies For Diaper Rash.

6. See A Pediatrician

Diaper rashes are painful for both mother and the baby but it’s a common baby problem it’s important to see when you exactly need to see the pediatrician for diaper rash. If the diaper rash becomes infected, the rashes are worsening even after treatment diaper rash area is swollen or has extreme redness; the baby has a fever in addition to the rash. Visit your, pediatrician, immediately.

7. Leave some breathing room

Tie the diaper properly it shouldn’t be too tight a loose diaper is less likely to rub with the skin hence creating fewer chances of diaper rash. You can’t deny the importance of Diaper free time for your baby! it’s important to keep the baby diaper-free for some time in a day.

Top 10 Best Remedies fro diaper rash 28. A warm water bath

Another remedy For Diaper Rash If the baby has rashes daily warm water bath not only reduces the rashes but also soothes the baby and the baby will be more like to sleep peacefully.

9. Diaper Creams And Ointments

Many rash creams are available in the market. Try to buy a cream that suits your baby well. Apply a thick layer of cream on the affected area. You can also apply oil it will provide a protective layer against diaper friction.

10. Start using unscented baby care products

The most common culprits of skin rashes are scented baby products such as scented soaps, wipes, creams, lotions, detergents, etc. many products are labeled as child-friendly but artificial scents are used in making them so, try to use unscented baby products not just for the remedy of diaper rash but overall it’s a pleasant change. Hope you enjoy reading Top 10 Best Remedies For Diaper Rash

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