Top 5 Best Baby Teether

Top 5 Best Baby Teether

Top 5 Best Baby Teethers Are you searching for a teether?  if yes you have landed on the right page. Let’s start with the basics. Teething… is a word that makes a mom happy and worried at the same time. Teething is when your baby’s teeth erupt, or breakthrough, through their gum line. In most babies, Teething generally occurs between 6 to 24 months of age. There’s no need to worry if your baby’s teeth come late.

As Teething is a painful process so the baby may come down with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and congestion. But it’s not necessary that these symptoms must appear while teething.

The process of Teething is different in different babies. If you see some other symptoms like bleeding gums or any swelling or pus on the face call your pediatrician immediately.

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What are the factors a caregiver may consider before buying a teether…! Well, there is no hard and fast rule but one may consider the following thing before shopping for a teether.

Top 5 Best Baby Teether

First of all material, definitely, nobody will compromise on material as the baby will take the teether in his mouth so it must be made from BPA-free material and natural rubber.

There should not be any small parts regarding the choking hazard.

The second one would be how costly it is.  Parents don’t want to break the bank just for a splurge option.

The third factor would be design and cleaning. Parents will fall for the design that is baby-friendly easy to hold and super easy to clean.

Here is our round-up of the Top 5 Best Baby Teethers available in the market.

1. Nuby Ice Gel Keys:

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys features three gel-filled “keys the easy-grip handle and a multi-surface texture that’s ideal for the front, middle, and back teeth. This key shape Teether is meant to be kept in the refrigerator to give sore gums some quick cooling action but don’t put it in the freezer.

The easy-grip handle is best for tiny hands the multi-surface texture allows your baby to chew it easily. the Teether keys are long enough to reach the back teeth area, It is BPA  PVC, Phthalates, and latex-free and comes in a bright color to stimulate the baby’s senses.

Top 5 Best Baby Teether

2. Manhattan’s Teether:

Manhattan’s best baby Teether Toy is a perfect baby teething toy. Its mesmerizing, soft, continuous tubes will sure to distract your little one from her painful gums.  It’s easy to grasp and hold thanks to its colorful loops made from soft, pliable plastic plus caregivers it can be refrigerated for soothing.

The three-dimensional shape, rattling noise, and interconnected tube rings are surely catching your baby’s attention.  It’s BPA-free and it’s easy to hand-wash with soap and water. It shouldn’t be boiled. The Manhattan Toy  Teether Toy is a sure go-to for teething babies.

Top 5 Best Baby Teether

3. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe, Polka Dots:

Sophie La Girafe is a cute giraffe’s best baby teether toy made from 100 percent natural rubber. The soft body is squishy and safe for the baby to chew. Best of all, it has a very clever design, the super-flexible ears, horns, and long legs offer your baby to chew for pleasure. Moreover, its long legs get back into the baby’s mouth where most other teethers can’t.

Giraffe is easy to grip for tiny hands and has a fun squeaker inside. The dark and provide. The body I made from beautiful contrasting spots all over Sophie la giraffe’s body provides visual stimulation and makes her easily recognizable to the baby. Also, the paint used in making is food-grade paint.

girage sophie

4. Banana:

It’s a multipurpose teether. It can be used as a teether as well as a brush. It could be your first step towards your baby’s dental hygiene The banana teether has soft silicon bristles to gently massage the gums and later work like a brush to clean the teeth.

Banana Toothbrush for Babies

Banana Baby Teether

5. Nuby Silicone:

This is a travel-friendly teether, it comes with a carrier that keeps it more hygienic than other teethers you can keep the teether clean when not in use. Its extra-soft silicone and textured surface are a delight for your baby. The hole in the middle allows the baby to hold in comfortably. This BPA-free soft silicone teether comes in vibrant colors.

Nuby Silicone Baby Teether

Nuby Silicone Baby Teether

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