Top 12 Best Tips for Potty Training

Best Tips for Potty Training

Top 12 Best Tips for Potty Training

The truth is there is no one-trick-fits-all solution when it comes to teaching your child a new thing. Every child is different so there would be different ways to train your little one. You will come to know which method worked best for you eventually. There are a few things that all children love like stories, rhymes, laughing, etc. through these tactics you can break the barrier between your child and the fear of the toilet. here are our  Tips.

You can read a story about potty training to your child and he will relate to the character in the story and he will realize that he is not alone and there is nothing to be afraid of. Big Bathroom Shop Discount Code

1. Let The Kid Take The Lead in potty training:

Watch for the signs of readiness of your child, and follow his lead. Look for the signs of whether your little one is ready for potty training or not. If it’s a struggle even after a month of trying then you should probably wait for some more time. Some kids might be ready for potty training at 18 months, and others at 3 years. As with all things, every child is different. Just on a light note, no child will graduate in a diaper. They will eventually figure it out.

2. Look for the signs:

Keep a close look at your child and how he reacts while pooping or peeing. Stop playing for a while and start fidgeting or straining. Don’t wait to take him to the potty seat or toilet.

3. Don’t Ask For Permission:

Don’t ask your kid do you want to go to the potty just take her to the potty. If you will ask your kid do you want to go potty the answer will always be “no” so don’t ask to have an already known answer. Just take him after every interval or when you see him a little uncomfortable.

4. Special Treat:

Reward your baby simply for not wetting her pants. Encourage him with kind word toys candy or whatever they like the most. Rewards made it click for many kids.

5. Keep Your Cool:

When the whole potty idea started to click keep in mind that Potty training can never happen without a hitch so keep your cool. Make sure those minor setbacks don’t discourage you. Try not to turn this toilet transition into a battle. Be ready for lots of laundry with a smiling face.

6. Make a routine:

Start by taking your child to the toilet or potty seat every 10 minutes then keep increasing the time from 10 to 15, to 20 minutes.  You can also buy a Potty Watch to build your child’s interest in the process. By doing this eventually there will be fewer and fewer accidents.

7. Straight from diaper to “No” diaper:

If you want to ditch the diaper you go straight from diaper to free from the diaper. Don’t use pull-up diapers or cloth diapers. Most of the kids use pull-ups and other alternative diapers which parents use as a help in the potty training process, as a “diaper”. So let them feel the difference between wetting their pants and being uncomfortable with it which will urge their need to use the toilet.

8. Fear of the toilet:

For many children, the toilet seat is threatening and intimidating, and the noise and rapid motion of flushing out is exceptionally disturbing. To alleviate this problem you can use a training seat secured to the toilet seat. And for the unpredictable loud flash, you can sing a rhyme or keep the kids busy talking to divert their attention.

9. Night bedwetting:

Many children who are successfully potty trained still wet their pants at night but it’s totally different from wetting the pants in the daytime. In the daytime, kids are totally aware of what they are doing and feel the pressure to pop or pee but at night as the child is asleep it’s a bit more complicated to be aware of the need to pee. So never punish your child for wetting the bed at night until 5 years. If the problem persists discuss it with your child’s healthcare provider.

10. Demonstration of using potty seat:

You can take help from kids’ favorite cartoons or you can simply demonstrate how to squat, wash, and flush. It might seem a little awkward or uncomfortable for some parents but remember kids mimic their parents the most. There is nothing wrong with a little fun way demonstration. It’s worth a try!

11. Choosing the right potty seat:

Allow your child to buy a potty seat for his favorite cartoon character or color he likes the most. It will make the child more excited to use it. Also, you need to look for the comfort of your child while buying a potty seat.                          Best Baby Diapers

12. Patience is the key:

Don’t lose hope! At the start, the struggle may seem endless but trust your efforts your little one will outgrow diapers. It takes time to master your kid’s potty training.  If you will panic and scold or punish your child it will be discouraging for both of you. You will lose trust in yourself that you can train your child and your kid will lose trust in him that he can do it. The idea of ditching diapers is pleasant but it comes with a lot of parenting patience.