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A baby monitor camera is a device that creates a live stream of your baby’s room in the comfort of your home. Some parents use this device to make sure their kids are safe when they sleep in different rooms or in someone else’s care.

Many parents also like using these cameras to check in on their kids while they’re away, with some providing access for grandparents and friends alike. For others, these cameras act as peace of mind when outside the house with kids or pets unattended, or when leaving your baby unattended during nap time.

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More and more people are purchasing and using baby monitor cameras to ensure the safety of their children.

But with so many brands releasing multiple models, knowing which one is right for you can be tough. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of what you should look out for when selecting such a device:

  • Video quality
  • Image sensor size
  • Audio quality
  • Digital Zoom
  • Type of movement detection
  • Range & Battery Life

Motion/Sound Detection

A common problem with using a baby monitor camera is that the device doesn’t always detect when there is motion or sound. This can be extremely disappointing for parents who are constantly checking the device at all hours of the day to ensure that their kids are safe.

Most baby monitor cameras have both sound and motion detection, with some even combining the two into one unique technology known as “Vibration Detection”.

If you want a camera that will detect both movement and sounds, be sure to look out for this technology.

Compare video quality & battery life

Baby monitor cameras come with either HD or SD video quality, with the latter being more affordable and easier to find as it’s usually included as a standard feature for most baby monitor cameras. However, even though you can get an idea of how good the image will be on a certain device, you’ll have to compare the actual video quality once you get your hands on it.

To give yourself an idea of how good the image will be for each device in person, do some research and watch reviews of people who have used similar products in the past. If possible, also try looking at reviews before making a purchase to determine whether or not this is the right device for you.

Battery life is another area where you’ll want to consider how much power each camera uses, as well as how long it can last without needing a recharge. If you need a lot of battery time and will be using the monitor constantly, then always opt for a model with a long battery life.

Check out our guide on what to look for when selecting the best baby monitor camera!

Baby Monitor Cameras Three Types Of Adapter

There are currently three types of adapters being used in baby monitor cameras: American, European and Universal. While each adapter varies slightly from brand to brand, all have been designed to work with your typical baby monitor camera.

American – These types of adapters are found on most baby monitor cameras designed for the North American market and will easily plug into a typical wall socket. However, these types of adapters can’t be used in other regions as they may not fit into the sockets due to their shape and size.

European – These adapters are often used in European countries and will easily plug into a typical wall socket. While these types of adapters can be used in other regions, it may not fit into the sockets due to their shape and size.

Universal – These types of adapters are known as “travel” or “world” adapters, which means that you can use the device in almost any region without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Baby monitor cameras are extremely useful for those with babies and small children as they offer parents peace of mind. A lot of people also like baby monitor cameras because they don’t need to always be watching their kids, which means that you can get on with other tasks at hand.

However, with so many baby monitor camera models available on the market today it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs. By following our helpful tips above, selecting the best baby monitor camera should now be a piece of cake.

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