Top Ten Most Googled Parenting Questions

10 Most Googled Parenting Questions

In this digital era information is at your fingertips Thanks to Mr.Google! Google emerged as the most helpful tool for academic purposes or research work, but it also helps the communities find the right answer to their question or at least gives them a variety of possible answers.

It’s hard to compete with Google after all it’s available 24/7. You can ask Google anything and anywhere. Google anticipates your need by generating millions of answers in no time. It may take scrolling through a few web pages to get what you needed but in the end, you get satisfied with what you get from it. It’s worth it!

There are different parenting concerns, in past, people use to share their queries with their neighbor relatives or with the person they might think had the answer to the question. but as everything is changed from the internet explosion. people can share opinions across the globe.

As a parent particularly as a new parent, there are plenty of queries in a person’s mind..wonder why? Unfortunately, kids are not born with a label on which all the precautions and care are written So yes! there are so many questions in new parents’ minds so many that a non-parent can not possibly think of  Parents especially new parents shy away from asking the people around maybe because they think that the question is so obvious and people will ridicule them for not knowing this pretty common thing, or maybe they think that the question is weird

And sometimes people just want to know that does it really happen to other people or if it’s just me!! and most of the time it’s all people’s problems and nothing to be worried about.

At times it happens that the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, nobody has the answer to your question. It’s best to google it without fear of being bashed. But keep in mind for any serious problem like a broken bone or a serious disease it’s best to consult your doctor rather than depending on doctor google.

some questions parents ask out of sheer desperation. When will my baby start sleeping throughout the night? When will my baby be fully potty trained? New parents ask this kind of question to feel as though there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Some questions parents ask as they are excited and overwhelmed by their baby’s growth and progress. like when my baby will smile? When my baby will say her first words? But the important thing is that the internet is full of moms who have asked the same questions about parenting. And it collectively becomes a parenting support system for this generation and also for the upcoming generations.

Apart from the logical and valid questions related to parenting many people make unexpected baby-related queries like; Why my baby sleeps with their eyes open? or Will baby diapers work on dogs? These kinds of questions are weird and people give even more weird answers to these questions.

But most of the questions are pragmatic and very helpful for all the parents, especially the new parents. so next time you need to have help in parenting…anything in your mind. you have that tiny white box……JUST GOOGLE IT.

1. Why Do Babies Cry?

2. How to Baby Proof?

3. How to Change a Diaper?

4. How to do Potty Training?

5. How to Soothe a Baby?

7. How to Swaddle a Baby?

6. What is Colic and how to treat it?

8. What is Cradle Cap?

9. How can I Prevent SIDS?

10. Why does my child have a Fever?

Top 10 Most Googled Parenting Questions


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