Top 10 Questions About kids Dental Hygiene

Top 10 Questions About kids Dental Hygiene

Top 10 Questions About Kids Dental Hygiene. The best way to Teach Dental hygiene to your kids and teach them their importance is a crucial part of parenting. The importance of good oral hygiene is one of them.  To prevent possible cavities you need to establish a solid dental routine for your child at an early age. To preserve the bright smile of your little one we have rounded up the Top 10 Questions About Kids Dental Hygiene frequently asked questions about kids Dental Hygiene. To help you make sure your children have a healthy smile.

Top 10 Questions About Kids Dental Hygiene

1. When should I take my baby to the dentist?

Take your baby to the dentist after his first birthday or 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth. Children can develop their first cavities after two years of birth. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have regarding thumb-sucking and pacifiers.

2. When Do Baby Teeth Typically Fall Out?

They typically fall out between the ages of six and eight years in the same order they first appear. Keep in mind that every child is different from others.

3. Why do I need to care for my baby’s teeth if they’ll just fall out anyway?

A Baby’s first teeth have an impact on the baby’s permanent teeth. If the first tooth has cavities there is a potential danger that bacteria can pass on to the permanent teeth through the gums. so it’s important to take good care of primary teeth to take care of kids Dental Hygiene overall.

Top 10 Questions About kids Dental Hygiene

4. Does It Matter What Toothpaste My Child Uses?

when it comes to buying the right toothpaste it’s all about fluoride,  as fluoride  Gives your child a cavity-free mouth but keep in mind that always use toothpaste having fluoride less than 1,000 ppm for kids. Too much fluoride is also harmful to kids. normally an adult toothpaste has around 15000 to 2000 ppm fluoride. For kids, less than 2 use a smear amount of toothpaste ad for kids older than 2 use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

Top 10 Questions About kids Dental Hygiene

5. Can My Child Use Mouthwash?

Not recommended for kids under 6 years for two reasons. First, too much exposure to fluoride is not safe for kids. Second Kids under 6 years do not effectively spit out their mouthwash after rinsing and it could be dangerous depending on the mouthwash ingredients.

6. Electric toothbrushes are more efficient than regular on?

Dentists highly recommend electric toothbrushes because they do a better job. Most kids love toothbrushes that are the most up-to-date so, it’s best to splurge on the higher-tech.

7. When should my child start flossing?

Start flossing your little one’s teeth as soon as you see two teeth side by side. Most of the cavities kids have are between the teeth because the food they eat sticks between the teeth. Use child-size flossing sticks.

8. My kid’s primary teeth have not fallen yet and new teeth come in do I need to visit a dentist?

If the primary teeth are wiggling encourage your child to wiggle them more (if he does not have any pain in waggling) so the teeth fall out. If the baby’s teeth are still there visit your dentist.

9. For how long do my kids need my assistance in brushing?

It is recommended to supervise your kid’s brushing until 9 but every kid is different from others in terms of learning. So observe your kid for a month or two if he is doing it pretty well solo let him do it.

10. What’s the role of baby teeth in a child’s growth and development?

Primary teeth are very important in a child’s growth and development. They provide guidelines for permanent teeth placement and also bone and jaw muscle development. They also help in proper speech development. Hope you enjoy reading the Top 10 Questions About Kids Dental Hygiene blog

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